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Brand Name: Hailicare

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Certification: CE

Application: Waist

Model Number: 101428

Material: ABS & TPR

Choice: yes


1. The newly upgraded uterine warm belt warms the uterus, stomach and stomach, effectively relieves waist discomfort, relieves menstrual pain, and improves symptoms such as back pain, cold hands and feet, and body asthenia.

2. Far-infrared heating, large area coverage, rapid heating in 5 seconds, quickly relieve menstrual pain, and bring you the most gentle warmth.

3. 3 levels of hot compress (40°C-50°C-60°C) + 3 levels of vibration massage (weak, medium, strong), gently warm your body and adapt to your various needs.

4. Suitable for multiple occasions, such as work rest, lunch break, work, study, travel, etc.

5. USB charging design, support wireless use, light and portable, can bring you warmth anytime, anywhere.